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                                      Our Show:

Circus Incredible is made up of 2nd and 7th generation circus performers. Lyric Wallenda of the “World Famous Wallenda” family displays her aerial artistry of grace, beauty and strength.


Simon Arestov who is originally from Moscow, Russia, will amaze audiences of all ages with his jaw dropping acrobatics and balancing!




                                                You Provide:


• 90ʼ deep by 55ʼ wide area that is level and free of trees and overhead power lines.

• Seating for audience outside of perimeter. (Bleachers, chairs, etc.)

• Electric hook up: 220 Volt 100 AMP power within 100 feet of show area.

• Standard running water within 100 feel of show area.

• RV and Truck parking within our perimeter. 



                                                   We Will Provide:


• Family friendly entertainment for 25-30 minutes.

• Sound system

• Lighting and specialty lights.

• Aerial Acts over 30 feet in the air.

• Full liability insurance (can provide certificate if needed).

• Show perimeter (flags/white chain).





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